About Us

CDC Africa has developed a comprehensive plan to educate the general population within the continent of Africa concerning the management of disease and the prevention thereof by the distribution of literature and any other means of communication necessary. The organization has particular insights into the community as most of the board and volunteer doctors were born in Africa and have an intimate understanding of the culture. The intersection of this formal training and cultural context is what makes CDC Africa unique and qualified.

CDC Africa will also be engaging in the research and the development of vaccines and cures for the most common and deadly of African infections.

In time, we will open free clinics staffed with qualified individuals to offer basic and specialized medical procedures to the poor of Africa (beginning in Ghana). We will be reaching out to all people groups from the aged to the young, from the homeless to the poor.

In addition to the stationary clinics, CDC Africa will also utilize mobile clinics to reach the most remote of the population. We will be developing programs to help the homeless integrate back into society as well as a program to care for the elderly and unattended of the population.

CDC Africa has a strict policy and process in place to ensure we do not work with or financially support any individual or entity found listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) list of specially designated nationals and blocked persons.