Emergency Programs

The CdcAfrica HOPE FOR HELP PILOT PROJECT is its emergency action and focal point! It is a plan to immediately and effectively help in fighting to contain Malaria, HIV/AIDS And other debilitating Diseases in Africa in order to abate the rapid hemorrhaging of human lives in Africa as well as revamp immunization and vaccination programs for all infants and young women to bring and promote good health and the decency of life to a new and a hopeful generation.

The pilot projects are intended to be the hub in 4 selected countries around which activities will revolve in the quadrants.  There will be clinical, research/training, hostel suites and warehouse buildings. There are about 16 ambulatory vans and buses required to extend the health delivery into remote areas and nearby countries. 

CdcAfrica has also been participating in emergency health relief efforts during previous catastrophes. Many of its volunteer physicians have over thirty years experience in delivering emergency health service. In spite of their normal heavy schedule at their various locations around the country, they are available to deploy to disaster zones within the shortest possible notice. Currently CdcAfrica is at its low percentile of volunteer medical personnel due to the enormity of its tasks globally. Its volunteer force includes:

Medical Doctors (all practices)

Active/Retired Medical School Professors to help in enrichment training. 

Medical Students (work for credit program)



Student Nurses (in final year)

Technicians/Technologist (with at least two years certification)

Medical Administrators

Social Workers ( with at least two years certification)

Computer programmers with statistical background

The invitation is opened to all professionals with zeal and a spirit of voluntarism and particularly aware that their service is to make hope alive! 

Volunteers for the program will participate in any of the following and will demonstrate and teach the local volunteers current innovations and special skills. As a volunteer you may also be tasked with certain administrative responsibilities as a way for cutting down overhead expenses. In exchange for your service you will be enriched by the culture and lifestyle of the people you work with daily:  


Out-patient disease care/management clinics

Vaccination campaigns

Long-term and short-term educational/training sponsorship/exchange programs as well as work-for-credit programs.

Local training & seminars

Public awareness initiatives and drive

Annual free dental clinic (30day-period)

Annual free eye clinic and visual correction aids (30day)

Personal hygiene, nutrition and healthy sex education seminars

There are bi-monthly mobile clinical activities in remote and hard to reach areas.

Radio doctor communication to answer questions pertaining to basic health issues

Please note that being on the CdcAfrica roster is a volunteer position and not a job offer. Air and local Transportation, Room (on-site hostel) and board are covered. A minimum number of days stay/work applies. Please contact CdcAfrica, the Manpower & Logistics Control Division for other details.