Project Resources and Funding

CdcAfrica was established to deliver emergency health services, embark on mass immunization and vaccination campaign, help to establish an African emergency health unit, set up an African health information management agency (AHIMA), help in the fight against killer disease like malaria, HIV/AIDS etc and finally help to reciprocate efforts by leading medical professionals and institutions by offering assistance in the form of additional training for standardize health practice, logistical support and special recognition for their unrelenting efforts. These projects are cross-country and an all intra continental in nature. At least over 48 countries in Africa will have the presence of CdcAfrica personnel and emergency clinics (stationary or mobile) by the end of 2016. These clinics will afford many expatriate doctor-volunteers to offer their services whilst on a visit or on vacation – yes we know many doctors would like to donate in kind if given the chance; so CdcAfrica is preparing to offer that platform to make it easy for thousands of doctors to do what they love to do – saving lives!

What began as a simple thought by one person has become a reality and has engaged the minds of many brilliant people, philanthropists, hospitals, universities and companies.  The regular support of many more will be needed to actually start most of the activities listed above. The enormity of the task is gigantic and so are the funds required for their implementation.  We rely mainly on manpower, logistics (in the form of medical supplies, drugs, medical equipment and general equipment like computers, pick-up trucks, vans or buses) and of course cash. Please contact our office to obtain a complete list of acceptable items and how to make your donations. Your kind donations are IRS tax deductible.