Vaccination and Immnization

With major support from donor organizations and in cooperation with the governments of the countries identified under the quadrants, CdcAfrica intends to embark on a major multi-national simultaneous campaign to administer millions of doses of vaccines against early childhood killer diseases in the year 2012.  CdcAfrica will also seek cooperation with GSK Biologicals, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Path MVI to help in presenting a platform for communication and delivery of the new and first of its kind malaria vaccine in Africa where nearly 1million children die of malaria and other complications due to malaria each year. 

The new malaria vaccine; RTS, S/AS02A has been tested in certain parts of Africa and have shown over 77% potency with little known serious side effects. We commend the PATH MVI for their work in various vaccines development and their general contributions in fighting diseases through research. The successful and final development and production of the malaria vaccine will mark the beginning of the end of one of Africa’s nightmare. Millions of people resorted to the use of incense and insecticides to control mosquitoes while sleeping. We know how harmful inhalation of chemicals powerful enough to kill roaches and other household pests could be. It is not documented that cigarette with its known cancerous effect could kill a roach when exposed to the smoke overnight. Third World Countries have had to choose between inhaling deadly chemicals or suffer malaria as a result of going without the mosquito netting, incense coils and sprays. 

CdcAfrica helped in the distribution of thousands of sleeping nets; but thousands more are needed each day until the malaria vaccine is finally released. 

CdcAfrica will join hands with every organization either in a leadership or in a support role to help fight common disease like early childhood diseases, malaria and HIV/AIDS because a win against any disease is a win for all!